This is Umbras Tenebris!

This is the wiki home page for the Terror of the Dark Campaign. This was originally created to be just a reference for some characters for my friends campaign, however I’m always willing to put together an actual campaign and use this for it. My history with DMing is minimal, I’m fairly new to it and this is my true first campaign I’ve put together. I’ve played D&D off and on for 7 years now. I know how the game works and I’m a very creative person. I’ve got hundreds of ideas for a campaign. If you want to join the campaign feel free to, you just have to hit the button, also it’d be awesome if you’d pm me so we can talk. I would like a local campaign but I am not against using Skype and getting into a campaign with people that are too far to join. I look forward to meeting new people and an excellent campaign should it turn to that. :)

Umbras Tenebris

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