Umbras Tenebris

Your Journey Begins...

The Desolate Town

The setting is in a desolate town, you stand in the middle of the street and you see a bunch of battered up buildings in front of you. There are two buildings on either side of you, to your left side by side are two broken down buildings with boarded up windows and doorways. And to your immediate left there is another broken down building, and just past that is a battered down building with a sign saying pub above it, just above the words pub you can barely make out the faded words that used to say The King’s Legs. On your right, between the pub and the broken down building, you can hear crashes and smashing sounds. Ahead you can see more battered and broken down buildings you can identify as houses, however, you can see that many are vacant and unused. With a quick look around you can see some smoke above the buildings off to your far left, just barely in sight. This is what is left of the town of Gildamesh.


Chuliani Chuliani

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