Seraph Blades

Weapons of the Nephilim

weapon (melee)

The seraph blade is a weapon that only Nephilim possess, its angelic properties make it to were only the Nephilim can wield them. It has the equivalence of an unpalpable rune on it as it becomes unusable by anybody besides the Nephilim who’s diversis it contains. The seraph blades are unique as the weapon is never far from its owner. Due to this the Nephilim can never truly be unarmed. The seraph blade has three forms to it: the first form is a necklace that bears the diversis of the Nephilim who wears it; with just a thought, the necklace shifts to its second form instantly and reforms in the Nephilim’s hand as a dagger or a short sword (this is dependent on the user’s preferences); Lastly, every seraph blade has a name, its name is that of an angel, with the call of its name, it shifts into a longsword in the user’s hand. As if the sword has a mind of it’s own, when there is no danger or the user feels no longer threatened it shifts to the necklace around the users neck again.

The seraph blade forms:

Necklace No damage Magical Item Immediate Range Shifts as an Immediate Action
Dagger 1d6 damage 1d4 Holy attribute damage 10 ft. Shifts as an Immediate Action
Longsword 1d8 damage 1d4 Holy Attribute Damage 5 ft. Shifts as an Immediate Action

The seraph blades have no definite form, much like the diversis it is based off of the Nephilim’s characteristics. Some ideas for the blades are as follows:

Original form

Seraph dagger form

Another seraph blade

Seraph Blades

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